We always appreciate passionate content creators  who wish to write for us and contribute to our blog. We already have a good number of guest writers at our blog who love to write for us and get exposed to the hundred of crypto lovers!

What You Get?

1.) In return for the posts you will get full credit for the post.
2.) You will be given 1/2 link back to your blog. Also your author bio will be added in each and every post you submit. This gives you essential back links.
3.) Writing at our blog will help you in getting exposed to our readers, our visitors, our followers and everyone related to our blog in some way or the other!
4.) Building reputation.
5.) Getting opinions on your writing skills and knowledge.

Rules & Guidelines…

The rules are in place to ensure that the quality of posts and integrity of the site remains high.
1.) The post/article shouldn't be copied from anywhere.
2.) You are not allowed to reproduce the article anywhere else. IF duplicate is found your article will be deleted.
3.) No affiliate codes or referral links or advertisements are allowed in posts.
4.) Poor quality articles will be rejected.
5.) Article should be over 750 words.

6: Article title and post should be well descriptive and content rich keyword.

7: Atless 1/2 images should be attached along with your post. Note: No link redirecting us to go download your image from a website.

8:  Before writing ensure your send us two or more post title and article sample so our team can pick the one that best for us

For instance :
•  How to make money with BITCOIN.

• Will bitcoin surpass gold in 2018?
 • Litecoin 2019 prediction and growth hack.

Something attracting...

How do I get started?

1.) Prepare quality posts on any of the following topics: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash or any thing related to crypto currency.
Please confirm the topic with me before starting to write.
i.) Proofread the article, check for typos, errors, etc.
ii.) Once verified, send me the post for review with a small bio about yourself like your blog name and URL, blog description in about 2 lines, your name, etc.

iii) Confirm if your post is/are over 750 words less than that wouldn't be accepted  .
4.) You can paste the article in the contact form and  e-mail it to me  Admin@wonga.top

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