crypto freelancing 2019 : 6 Sites That Pays You To Write About Bitcoin.

I feel lazy to write good articles now. Am so sure this post is going to rank high.😏

Bitcoin has been around for a long time now as of today 1 bit of coin is worth $5800 USD dollars. Price is volatile and unstable.

Price has risen to $16K per coin then decreased to $2K per coin. If you a bitcoin holder i believe you already have an emergency exit button just in case things turn against your favour.

I wrote an article why bitcoin price might not reach $10K USD You may want to check the post here: Will bitcoin recover in 2018? See 5 unbelievable reasons why price wouldn't reach $10K USD

There are lots of good article writers around today some are familiar with fiverr platform others just use another medium as an option.

Are you good with article writing?
Would you love to get paid with bitcoin?
Can you endure Btc unstable price?
Can you perform tasks like programming, business developing etc and accept bitcoin as payment?

If you can I believe this article is for you.


Cointelegraph has been around since 2013. They focus mainly on bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain anything related to cryptocurrency.
To become a writer you must apply via this link jobs posted on Cointelegraph are from genuine sources as they are properly verified before they are released on the platform.

I can't tell how much they pay cause most jobs there are mostly related to programming and engineering so be rest assured you'll be paid well.

#2: COINALITY is another platform you should work with company has been existing since 2016. You can apply for jobs and also post job too. Most jobs are related to programming, sales , blockchain developing , cryptocurrencies research work etc is one of the best places where job seekers and employers meet, most times, jobs posted on this platform are on long-term bases.


Jobs4Bitcoins unlike the others is a sub- reddit on a popular social media platform called Reddit.

The r/Jobs4Bitcoins sub-reddit presently has a member base of about 21,398 members from all over the globe. With a large fan base jobs could be eBook creation, essay writing, guess posting, graphics designing and so on. Just visit the site Jobs4Bitcoins and start working with jobs that suit you.


cryptogrind is one of the best place for a freelancer to get paid in Bitcoin. On this platform, users are given the opportunity to browse through various sections of jobs available, using basic words or keyword tags. The freelancer is able to set up a profile that includes his resume, basic information and the type of services he/she can render.

The platform also use escrow between the job seeker ( freelancers) and the employer. Before holding, an agreement is made between both parties if they both agree cryptogrind will use it's escrow service [A system where sellers and buyers are protected] to hold any available fund which will be released when a job is completed . So you don't have to worry about getting scammed. cryptogrind


crypto jobs is a marketplace website for blockchain jobs. The platform boast of over 8000+ members with over 1335 blockchain jobs listed.

For those who have a good ideas on how to develop decentralized applications and fix blockchain related tasks, crypto jobs is probably the best place to be. The good thing about this site is you can choose to work there full time or part time just upload your CV.


blockchain alien a sister site to paidbook now accept article writer for guess posting and journalism.

According to the site owner you'll have to choose between guest blogging and hired or paid journalism.

Guest posting: For site owners who want quality backlink and attention.

Hopefully I'll write the site owner soon.

Paid Journalism has 3 stage : You get $5 per article for 3X, $10 per article if you good for 3X article and $10 + profit share based on the revenue your articles bring in from the ads. If you a pro writer. Want to give them a try? Click here blockchain alien

This is what I have on my list, if there is any legit platform you know of email us or drop your comment below.

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