Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Bitcoin PTC : Btcclicks.com is a fake and a scam network - See proof here


Btcclicks is a scam paid-to-click faucet site they'll make you view ads without paying you.

According, to btcclicks site you earn up to 0.00030 mBTC [ 202 Satoshi ] about $0.0020 cent per ads view. It's low and same time you working for freeπŸ™…πŸ˜Ÿ ...

Trusted (PTC) faucet websites like Adbtc, clixsense and neobux pays you for every 10- 30 seconds ads view in return you get upto $0.01 [ This are legit site you should work with]

They are numerous users making complaining online. Most complain there account were blocked during payout. Other complain they're earning and referrals got deleted with no suitable reasons.

See this Post: 2018 High paying paid to click [ PTC] website.. Upto $0.01 per ads view.


I too was a victim. I joined this site back at 2016 when 1 bitcoin was $450- $780 at less i had over 6 referrals with few dollars can't remember how much it was then.

You know as bitcoin price increase so does your cash... For instant you had $2 worth of bitcoin back at 2016 today it could worth $5-$7 or more.

I stopped using btcclicks just to focus on other project. Fortunately, for me i login into my account only to find this.

I was shocked cause no warning email was sent to me as a remind to keep my account active.

Note: That what most site's like ,
clixsense does they will send you a remind to continue using your account or it will get deleted. Even when it get deleted you'll given an option to recover your account back

I contacted there customer care via email no response i just had to let go. I was a bit happy cause I didn't really worked so much to build my referral database or waste countless hour just to make money with then.

I really feel sorry for those who had worked overnight just to make few couple of dollars and you aren't even given paid.. It's really painful.

I did research and found out how I wasn't the only one complaining some persons had even made hundreds of dollars and payment been denied.


i: They customer support will never reply your mails

ii: They'll remove your all earning even if its $100 and delete all your referrals. Claiming you weren't inactive for 45 days+.. At less they should have recover your lost back...

iii: Users are complaining of earning reduction. Milking from you

iV: Deny you payment: They will block your account and accuse you of using VPN or multiple account...

V: There referral program is way too tempting. 80% for referral/affiliate commission! 😱😡

Let's do a little calculation let's say you refer 1 person who worked hard to earn $5 you'll be paid $4 jeez that quite huge. You refer another 5 persons who earned $5 each your profit would be $24 for all 6 persons. 😨😡😡😡

Tempting right? Yeah please don't fall for this... Cause Any company who pay this high without selling a product wouldn't last long. But this guys did by scamming it users.
Legit paying sites like Adbtc referral program pays you 7.5% for each referral. clixsense 30% recurring commission, Moonbit ,
Freebitco pays upto 50% for referral program. How come this guys pay upto 80% and still scam you..😲

Read this if you want to earn bitcoin, dash, ETH, ripple every minute's: FaucetHub #1 Bitcoin And Altcoin Faucet - Earn Unlimited crypto coin in minutes.


You should check this screenshot of people making negative comments on different websites. I've attach URL link so you can see for yourself.



Proof from BitcoinTalk

Check more comments from this website

Here we have it... Btcclicks.com is scam advisable you don't waste your time.

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