Thursday, 14 June 2018

FaucetHub #1 Bitcoin And Altcoin Faucet - Earn Unlimited crypto coin in minutes.

Current today bitcoin price is $6639.23 tomorrow Bitcoin price might increase or decrease no one know for sure but we can only predict it.

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Bitcoin price is expensive most people can't afford to buy 1 bitcoin for $6k but you can earn free satoshi or altcoin from a trusted faucet sites.


Faucethub is a multiCoin micro payment platform that enables users to receive Multiple Crypto-Currencies payments from any registered faucet site..

With Faucethub you can play game for coin,lottery, bitcoin mining or even earn coin from Bitcoin or any altcoin.

In Faucethub, users have the chance of getting a micropayment of up to 20,000 satoshis in a period of 24/48 hours.

If you can't afford to buy Bitcoin or altcoin you can earn free coin from any of your favorite crypto currency such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, BitCore, Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin, Peercoin, Potcoin.
FaucetHub got them all.


Faucethub has a mobile friendly interface that is simple to use. They show interests for both faucet owners and faucet users.

get started, you just need to SIGNUP HERE and you can choose to either be a faucet user or a faucet owner- if you own a faucet site.
Faucet users can also do cryptocurrency exchange at a regular trading fee of 0.5%. Premium users can trade at fee of 0.3%.

FaucetHub gives users the ability to upgrade to a premium account and you can enjoy all exclusive benefits. Those benefits can be enjoyed by both the faucet users and faucet owners.


Multi-Currency Payments: Send & receive in Bitcoin and popular altcoins

Advanced Security: Protect your account and website from exploiters.

Easy to use API: Integrate your website or app in minutes.

SSL Ready: Connect to your website & API via SSL secure connection.

On-site Chat: Chat with users & faucet owners directly on site.

Enhanced Statistics: Get insights about your faucets you never noticed.

Trusted: 99% of customers recommend them.

Faucet owners: Have the ability to promote their faucets through the site by seeking the top faucets listing.

24/7 anti-fraud system to protect faucet owners from fraudulent user activities.

If you a faucet owner or you want to earn free Bitcoin and altcoin join here : SIGNUP HERE

For the latest bitcoin news, earn free bitcoin and more. follow UseBtcoin on Twitter @Usebtcoin

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