Need bitcoin? Join the best and most trusted Bitcoin lending network -upto $50k worth of bitcoin instantly.

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Bitcoin p2p lending industry is growing every year. First Came Bitcoin then Came Bitcoin Lenders. Bitcoin price hovered around $19,000 this week, giving the cryptocurrency a total market value of almost $300 billion.
The one problem with bitcoin market is the price swings violently and price are not stable.
To avoid price crashing or coin lost lenders and investors offers loan with digital coins as collateral to borrower.
An initial agreement is made with borrowers, to pay back with a percentage increase within the period coin is loaned to you.

What is peer-to-peer (P2P) lending?

is a new modern day method of debt financing that allows people to borrow and lend money without a financial institution. There's no middleman is this system it only works between an investors and borrower.

How can you take part and profit from bitcoin loan system?

The first thing you need to do is find the right and best bitcoin peer to peer lending site. You can loan or borrow digital coin quickly.

Bitcoin Lenders/ investor benefits.

1: you gets a better return of investment. Normal rates are between 3% and 10% per month.
2: Service is quicker and easy to implement.
3: Hand approved submissions – To reduce the possibility of scam, all of the loans submissions are checked manually. No bots

Bitcoin borrower benefits.

1: have a taste of crypto trading
2: Open to new business idea
3: Fast and stressful.

Register on a Bitcoin lending platform. Go through their verification process such as

Identity Verification (any government-issued ID)
Income Verification
PayPal Verification
Social Media Verification (Facebook, Twitter, G+)
Personal References
Seller Account Verification (eBay, Amazon)
Step 2- Choose the right type of loan based lending rates decided by the platform or as agreed with the lender directly.

Here a list of our currently top rated Bitcoin lending platforms:



is a global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform for small business loans. Lending bitcoin start from
lend as little as BTC 0.1. You can even borrow up to $25,000 starting at 1% initial payback monthly.

Interest rates are set according to a borrower's creditworthiness which is determined by the rating (risk based pricing). interest rates can be as low 7.7% to 25%.

Borrower Origination fee

The origination fee gets deducted from the loan amount prior to disbursement.

6 weeks term loan: 1.0% of the funded amount
6 months term loan 1.5% of the funded amount
12 months term loan 2.0% of the funded amount
36 months term loan 2.5% of the funded amount.

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BTCPOP is a Peer to Peer Bitcoin Banking network. You can Lend and Borrow Bitcoins, start Investment Pools, join Initial Public Offerings. You can exchange your altcoin for Bitcoin which you can use for
Deposit/Withdraw using your wallet, Trade
Staking and Using as collateral for Bitcoin loans.

100+ Altcoins in accepted and safety secured in btcpop system .

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BTCPOP Signup here.

Join us and get free bitcoin and more updates follow Usebtcoin on Twitter @Usebtcoin and on Usebtcoin

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