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5 Trusted Exchange websites to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria. [2018 List]

Are you looking for a resourceful bitcoin exchange sites? a place where you can buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria?

For newbies interested in digital cryptocurrency
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Bitcoin has proved to be the most trusted and genuine digital currency. As bitcoin price keeps increasing everyone wants to have a big bite.
Thorough out the years, Nigerians has crave hunger for this cryptocurrency. As of today only few Nigerians knows where to buy and sell bitcoin with nigeria naira.

Here are the few trusted exchangers you can deal transaction with when it comes to buying and selling of bitcoin in Nigeria.


1: paxful is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange platform that was launched in 2015.
Paxful allows you to quickly and easily buy and sell bitcoin using more than 300 payment methods which includes Bank transfers, Cash deposits, Debit or credit cards, Gift cards, Altcoin, PayPal,Money Western Union and MoneyGram.

Paxful like LocalBitcoin use an escrow service to connect buyers and sellers from around the world to trade bitcoin.

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LOCALBITCOIN is a peer to peer bitcoin trading site and it's one of the oldest exchanger if not the first. Localbitcoin was founded June 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.

At LocalBitcoins people from different countries can exchange their local currency to bitcoins. Including altcoin currencies such as Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin cash [BCH], Litecoin [ LTH] and others.

Gift cards can also be exchange for bitcoin.

Gift Card Code (Global), Amazon Gift Card Code, PayPal My Cash, Apple Store Gift Card Code, Steam Gift Card Code, OneCard, Walmart Gift Card Code, Ebay Gift Card Code, Starbucks Gift Card.

Throughout the years localbitcoin has grow to over 1.35 million people from 249 countries were using its platform,

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is Nigeria's leading and most trusted e-currency exchange company since 2006. They have gathered more experience and expertise more than any other exchanger in Nigeria. Naira4dollar also deal with altcoins and ecurrency.

This company has physical offices in lagos and Ibadan that prove they're legit and ready to do business with you.

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Remitano is a Peer-to-peer exchanged site based in Seychelles. REMI allow users to buy or sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) directly to other users with alternative payment methods such as bank transfer, bank cash deposit, or mobile money. The company started in April 2016 and has proving to be one of the most trusted digital currency. You don't have to be scared using Remitano cause transaction done are protected with escrow service.

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Luno formerly known as bitX is a Bitcoin exchange the company started 2012 in London with operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria,South Africa the United Kingdom and 35 other European countries.

Luno also support wallet service I.e you can get create a bitcoin address with luno.

You can withdraw bitcoin straight to your bank account.
Luno->Wallet->Address-> Receive coin-> Convert to naira instantly and receive bank credit alert.

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