Saturday, 4 February 2017

Bitcoin scam alert!! Bitcoin money adder is scam - See reasons here.


Ever heard of money adder? Such as bitcoin adder, PayPal adder, Payoneer adder , payza adder, Payeer adder and so on. The brain behind this illegal software's claim to hacker. The truth is this software's are own by same person using different names and website.

This website acussoft.net

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://adhitzads.com/993115"></script>

claim bitcoin adder could earn you 300 USD about 0.3937 BTC daily 😂😂 just using the software.

We are aware bitcoin can you use anonymously. Am sure only few know btc can still be tracked for illegal act. They're every tutorial videos on YouTube to trick you into believe such scam. Not everything you watch on YouTube is real.

Here's the price for this scam softwares.

PayPal Money Adder Activation Code price – $180
Payza Money Adder Activation Code price – $170
Perfect Money Adder Activation Code price – $170
Neobux Money Adder Activation Code price – $100
Payoneer Money Adder Activation Code price – $170
Skrill Money Adder Activation Code price – $180
Bitcoin Money Adder Activation Code price – $190
Payeer Money Adder Activation Code price – $170
Skype WebCam Hacker Activation Code price – $120
WiFi Password Hacker Activation Code price – $190
WinRar and WinZip Password Finder Activation Code price – $370
Amazon Gift Card Generator Activation Code price – $170

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://adhitzads.com/993115"></script>

PayPal Virtual Credit Card Generator Activation Code price – $190
PaySafeCard PIN Code Generator Activation Code price – $180

Some ask for $200+ to buy this software. Imagine it this way you create a software that would earn 0.39 btc daily would you share it with the world? In a week you making 2.7559 btc that's $2,853 US Dollar as of today 😱😱. Trust me you wouldn't share it with the world cause it's your gold mine. If you to share it charging a fee of $200+ is nothing to you...hmmm

If you don't know what to do with your money buy bitcoin and become an exchanger , use peer to peer donation like btcinvestment You can start with just 0.002 earning you up to 16btc., Donate bitcoin to me 😀😉 or lender bitcoin from this reliable website Bitbond . You Earn 13% interest with bitcoin lending.

Here's another proof from this website


btc scam

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