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crypto freelancing 2019 : 8 Sites That Pays You To Write About Bitcoin.


I feel lazy to write good articles now. Am so sure this post is going to rank high.😏

Bitcoin has been around for a long time now as of today 1 bit of coin is worth $5800 USD dollars. Price is volatile and unstable.

Price has risen to $16K per coin then decreased to $2K per coin. If you a bitcoin holder i believe you already have an emergency exit button just in case things turn against your favour.

I wrote an article why bitcoin price might not reach $10K USD You may want to check the post here: Will bitcoin recover in 2018? See 5 unbelievable reasons why price wouldn't reach $10K USD

There are lots of good article writers around today some are familiar with fiverr platform others just use another medium as an option.

Are you good with article writing?
Would you love to get paid with bitcoin?
Can you endure Btc unstable price?
Can you perform tasks like programming, business developing etc and accept bitcoin as payment?

If you can I believe this article is for you.


Cointelegraph has been around since 2013. They focus mainly on bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain anything related to cryptocurrency.
To become a writer you must apply via this link jobs.cointelegraph.com jobs posted on Cointelegraph are from genuine sources as they are properly verified before they are released on the platform.

I can't tell how much they pay cause most jobs there are mostly related to programming and engineering so be rest assured you'll be paid well.


coinality.com is another platform you should work with company has been existing since 2016. You can apply for jobs and also post job too. Most jobs are related to programming, sales , blockchain developing , cryptocurrencies research work etc coinality.com is one of the best places where job seekers and employers meet, most times, jobs posted on this platform are on long-term bases.


Jobs4Bitcoins unlike the others is a sub- reddit on a popular social media platform called Reddit.

The r/Jobs4Bitcoins sub-reddit presently has a member base of about 21,398 members from all over the globe. With a large fan base jobs could be eBook creation, essay writing, guess posting, graphics designing and so on. Just visit the site Jobs4Bitcoins and start working with jobs that suit you.


cryptogrind is one of the best place for a freelancer to get paid in Bitcoin. On this platform, users are given the opportunity to browse through various sections of jobs available, using basic words or keyword tags. The freelancer is able to set up a profile that includes his resume, basic information and the type of services he/she can render.

The platform also use escrow between the job seeker ( freelancers) and the employer. Before holding, an agreement is made between both parties if they both agree cryptogrind will use it's escrow service [A system where sellers and buyers are protected] to hold any available fund which will be released when a job is completed . So you don't have to worry about getting scammed. cryptogrind


crypto jobs is a marketplace website for blockchain jobs. The platform boast of over 8000+ members with over 1335 blockchain jobs listed.

For those who have a good ideas on how to develop decentralized applications and fix blockchain related tasks, crypto jobs is probably the best place to be. The good thing about this site is you can choose to work there full time or part time just upload your CV.


blockchain alien a sister site to paidbook now accept article writer for guess posting and journalism.

According to the site owner you'll have to choose between guest blogging and hired or paid journalism.

Guest posting: For site owners who want quality backlink and attention.

Hopefully I'll write the site owner soon.

Paid Journalism has 3 stage : You get $5 per article for 3X, $10 per article if you good for 3X article and $10 + profit share based on the revenue your articles bring in from the ads. If you a pro writer. Want to give them a try? Click here blockchain alien

This is what I have on my list, if there is any legit platform you know of email us or drop your comment below.

Check this out: Monetize your bitcoin niche | Top 5 Bitcoin advertising networks with fast payout. Best of 2019 | Bitcoin ban: it's illegal to Trade and hold Bitcoin in this countries. [2018 List]

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Coinerium - Next generation decentralization payment system.


Coinerium's CONM token is the proposal for daily payments and transactions

Occasionally it is said that Bitcoin is a form of value storage, a payment system or a global currency. In some ways, confusion or disagreement is caused by Bitcoin's ability to perform all three functions. However, the high volatility of crypto currencies causes risk-averse traditional investors to discard them. Coinerium's main objective is to ensure that users can transfer funds on a daily basis via their CONM token without risk of loss and in a safe environment.

The CONM token is the token created by and for Coinerium's objectives of transferring funds in a simple, decentralized and secure manner. For this purpose, the risks of loss due to volatility are eliminated by anchoring to the dollar. Therefore, each CONM is equivalent to $1 (U.S. Dollar). Today, stable tokens or stablecoins have made a dizzying comeback. After the launch and proven utility of Tether, the crypto space embraces the stablecoins. The advantages are remarkable, when redeeming Bitcoins for Dollar or Euro the operations become slow and expensive; however, with the crypto stable tokens to trade with Bitcoin against Dollar or Euro has gained in ease, and speed.

Coinerium introduces a blockchain ecosystem to replace cash payments; through secure and virtually zero cost transactions in a secure environment. Next, we analyze the project that involves the CONM token in a decentralized ecosystem of payments via blockchain.

Ecosystem features around the CONM token

The Token format is an ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum network, compatible with the most popular and secure network portfolios such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto among others. Cold-storage purses compatible with the ERC-20 standard are also included. In terms of data privacy, today there are all kinds of tools for tracing financial and other data. With the right tool and a few clicks, anyone can easily predict our actions on the network, from the volume of our transactions to even estimating our approximate revenue or our most personal preferences.

The battle to guess the next product, asset, food or garment in trend is fought on the net. This is why users or businesses may not want their transactions to occur on a fully public or centralized platform. Total transparency can result in a breach of the right to privacy; some data is sensitive to being written down in chains of incorruptible and public blocks. In this respect, Coinerium has devised an ecosystem that respects the financial privacy of users, imitating the privacy offered by cash payments (physical exchanges of currency or notes). The centralization of private data becomes an attack vector for cyber-criminals; in addition to diluting trust, it can lead to misuse of third party data.

Coinerium's wallet is also available for mobile. In addition, connoisseurs of the blockchain industry, a customer service support will be established. Administrators will have public accounts for easy location by users. Focused on the loyalty of new users by addressing problems, questions and incidents that users may have. The process is as simple as downloading the application and registering the telephone number.

Merchants and retailers will have a global, fast and stable payment system

In the Coinerium ecosystem traders are defined as companies that accept payments in CONM tokens in exchange for their products or services. Together with individual users, they are the backbone of decentralized communities. In this sense, market makers have their place secured in Coinerium after an initial approval. To develop Coinereum's cashless community, a Software Development Kit (SDK) has been introduced. Any vendor who downloads and configures the SDK can accept payments in CONM tokens.

Merchants will have two main categories on the platform (Standard and Approved). Standard Merchants, which are merchants who use Coinerium only as a payment intermediary and will not charge your Coinerium. Approved Merchants are merchants who meet the necessary requirements. Requirements established by the foundation to be able to charge in any currency since the foundation, with a minimum limit of 1000 Coinerium. An average commission of 5% will be taken by the foundation.

Details and specifications on token distribution

The CONM token is part of the recent category of stable tokens (Stablecoins), it has been configured so that its value is anchored to the price of the U.S. currency. One detail that has caught our attention is the proportion of tokens available for the acquisition of investors, 70% of the total issue. This results in a low capitalization on the part of the founders decentralizing the distribution to the maximum. The minimum collection is set at $1,000,000, while the maximum is set at $5,000,000.

ICO Starts April 30 2019

As can be seen in the documentation, (70%) are tokens available for acquisition in the different stages (pre-sale and initial sale). As an ERC-20 token, investors must have a compatible address for the Ethereum network. The remaining 30% will be allocated to three groups formed by Advisors (advisors and/or commercial), Team and Rewards/Airdrops; each of them has been allocated 10% of the total respectively . For more detailed information on the initial sale and the conditions of participation we recommend reviewing the technical document. ( Whitepaper ).

The total amount of Coinerium in circulation will be insured in an smart contract (150% guarantee deposit in Ethereum). As a result of recent money laundering concerns, individual users will not be able to collect through the foundation; they will be able to exchange the Coinerium CONM token on exchanges. As mentioned above, only selected and approved traders in the system will be allowed to convert their Coinerium into trust currency. If you would like to learn more about Coinerium you can visit the social networks or the website for more details and updates.

Coinerium Official introduction video

Coinerium Website & Official links

Web page - https://coinerium.io/
Whitepaper - https://coinerium.io/Whitepaper_V1_EN.pdf
Coinerium Dashboard - https://dashboard.coinerium.io
Telegram - https://t.me/coinerium
Medium - https://medium.com/@subscribes_13227
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/coinerium
Twitter - https://twitter.com/coineriumToken
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/coinerium

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MinedBlock- We are operating a fully managed crypto mining service: See how it's done


Mining evolves as a service with the aid of MinedBlock

Mining is a fundamental part of the blockchain for any crypto whether PoW or PoS, even other more recent algorithms such as PoE or PoP; some tokens starts pre-mined at 50% or even 100% of the available supply. However, most work running on blockchains with some of the existing mining algorithms; as is the case with Ethereum. The miners who support the network as the basis of the decentralization model become centralized as the increasing cost of start to operate.

To change the course of events, MinedBlock has designed an equitable model for investors. Several mining ICOs have been carried out during 2017 and 2018, sometimes offering a portion of the mining revenues in exchange for investment. However, making the initial sale without registering a regulated security token resulted in fatal outcomes. Mismanagement from the earliest days can erode even the most successful project, increasing the risk of failure for founders and investors. MinedBlock presents a mining operation focused on mining as a service, and the MBTX token is part of the equation.

The foundational core of the mining operations center that will conduct mining as a service

To house the project, a dedicated mining facility will be created that will focus on extracting multiple coins from the top 50 by market capitalization to ensure a wide range of revenue streams for customers to benefit from. Through the proposed large-scale operation, we will help improve currency decentralization where large groups of currencies already dominate the hash rates of popular coins. From the outset, there is an indication of a level of decentralisation within the territories themselves, through the global distribution of mining data centres.

The founders, Greg Wales (CEO) & Paul Bishop (COO), with Matthew Ruff (CSO); identify and manage the risks associated with the company's code of ethics. They are also responsible for catalyzing projects to take advantage of business opportunities with impact. In short, the goal proposed by the founders, oriented towards mining as a service, will challenge the usual difficulties of cloud mining services through a process based on STO, transparency and equal participation.

The solution to the Uncertainty of "Cloud Mining" and Other Services with MBTX

MinedBlock is running a Security Token Offering using Polymath ST20 fully compliant tokens. This configuration allows them to raise funds to speed up the process described in the roadmap in an automated way focusing on the most critical aspects. In this way, it accelerates the management process on the part of the core team. A large-scale mining operation without the need to purchase, configure and maintain mining equipment and set in a transparent environment. For this, the MBTX security token will feed a feedback ecosystem, generating an ecosystem with the premise of keeping mining as a service.

MinedBlock says that it will offer a fully managed mining service, in which it will be possible to count on specialists to take care of the equipment. Maintenance and upgrades are vital to ensure efficiency and profitability remains at its best. It is an essential detail in an environment that neither sleeps nor rests; the aspect of working with maximum productivity without downtime makes all the difference. Miners process calculations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is why a mining facility requires attention, maintenance, and repairs.

Details of the STO event around the MBTX security token

MinedBlock Holding Limited will own 75% of the total Mining Service of which shareholders will own 95%. MinedBlock Limited will own the remaining 5% and will own 25% of the Mining Service. Also, it will use mine revenues to grow the service to increase revenues. Participants in the sale of security tokens will be required to pass the KYC controls through the Minedblock.io website to enable inclusion in the white list by a smart contract.

The MBTX Security Token Offering is currently running with a 5% bonus on purchases. MBTX tokens are priced at $0.15 each

Documentation and transparency as an anti-fraud filter.

To satisfy the requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), U.S. investors will have to qualify as Accredited Investors. We strongly recommend that you read the presentation document to understand the details, requirements, and risks associated with investments in cryptocurrencies and mining operations. A minimum target (SoftCap) of $1,000,000 has been set for the project to be established.

Valuation of the investor's commitment.

MinedBlock are charging a nominal fee for the KYC process, which avoids fraudulent users posing as investors... each user who completes the KYC process will be credited with the equivalent number of MBTX tokens of the costs. In this process, the MBTX token will be delivered in proportion to the cost of the KYC process, at a discounted value of $0.075 each. This ensures that only participants who want to go through the process are taken seriously, reducing unnecessary costs for launching the company's operations.

Characteristics of services that can make the difference from mining as a service.

To be a reality as a sector, mining services must not be different from other conventional services. Professionalism, transparency, immediate attention to the client/investor. These are details that make a difference. In this way, the sector shows a significant change with audited projects, registered as a security and complying with regulations. The services mentioned in the Minedblock documentation mention the following characteristics. With MinedBlock, it is not necessary to decide which currency or token you want to extract. MinedBlock counts on exploiting a variety of cryptocurrencies in favour of portfolio diversification. Such decisions make it easier to get proper distribution and maximize profitability.

About the hardware that is planned to be hosted in the facilities

As we find in the documentation, MinedBlock will use a mixture of ASIC units along with GPU (Mining Rigs) based equipment. The initial plan is to divide the investment among the following material, pending new releases from manufacturers:

Bitmain Antminer S15 and S17 – BTC Mining

Custom Built GPU Mining Rigs – ETH & alt coin mining

Host services at MinedBlock will use fully secure data centers

The cryptocurrencies or tokens obtained from mining operations shall be kept in cold storage. This method is commonly used for exchanges and other services, driving away attackers on most things. Remember that cold storage is fully encrypted until it is time to make use of such cryptocurrencies or tokens.

Professionalism and transparency in the administration.

With the platform, it is intended that users/investors save time and effort. In the blockchain sector, we find thousands of crypto coins or tokens; this means that only experts can configure equipment for any mining process. Expert process management sets and maintains mining equipment. This zero-configuration process opens the door to users who do not have extensive knowledge. No client configuration is required. Careful management can successfully save high operating costs.

Interesting Links and Social Networks from MinedBlock

Web - https://www.minedblock.io

STO Info - https://www.minedblock.io/assets/stoinfo.pdf

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MinedBlock/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/mined_block

Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/MinedBlock

Telegram - https://t.me/minedblockofficial

DexAge- No 1, User-Centric Decentralized Lending Marketplace.


The DexAge decentralized exchange is a new autonomous and self-sustainable system, fueled by the social connection between traders and investors who use the platform. DexAge's trading model capitalizes the power of users and channels it creating feedback synergies. The DXG platform combined with its dApp makes it possible to run in a decentralized framework; an approach that is gaining followers in the community. An online environment designed to enable several functions as described below. Operators, users, and investors find a new competitor in which to exchange and lend cryptographic assets.

Also, it offers an interface enriched with other nuances to enhance the use of decentralized wallets in day-to-day operations. No need for multiple registrations, or cede personal data to various third-party organizations. This is one of the premises that DexAge fulfills. In the ecosystem and through dApp, users can communicate and share their ideas. Or perhaps, share knowledge by chatting with each other before closing a business transaction.

The cases of use are multiple, in an increasingly digitized global environment in which companies and people interact with each other. A daily example is meetings, webinars, and talks through other well-known applications. Whether decentralized or centralized. The single, centralized authority model that controls the entire system has become obsolete. Since the founding team of DexAge, this sentence has been assumed, and power is given to the shareholders of DexAge. This kind of decentralization of power makes them the primary force influencing growth and development. You can join the telegram community at the following link.

The platform that will power the DXG token offers a full range of P2P functions

Asset escrow is a hot topic in the blockchain ecosystem throughout 2018 and what we carry from 2019. Even Vitalik Buterin stated without hesitation his inclination for DEX exchanges as the way forward. Centralized exchanges are bright in the dark for cyber bandits. Unlike their decentralized counterparts, exchanges with a single manager and incidences tend to be the chosen victim. On the other hand, decentralized exchanges are not perfect.

However, they avoid being an easy target. In a menu combining decentralised deposit services, p2p chat, and DEX, commissions are reduced to a minimum. This saving, compared to traditional loan systems, will generate economic equity. The elimination of such costs without intermediaries encourages all parties to feed liquidity and demand loans 100% crypto.  The platform, led by Preciuous Kenneth W. and Suano Neenwi, joins the list of emerging companies in the Blockchain sector. The characteristics described in the documentation go beyond the conventional trade of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Trading in the traditional way will be the primary function. However, a few implementations added by the development team will facilitate the exchange through custody between peers; decentralizing each feature. It will also show that escrow trading (Mainnet) will be launched in the second week of May, while other DexAge projects will follow the initial suite later.

The initial offer of the DXG token offers several alternatives for its acquisition

For those interested in participating in the initial sale of DXG there are multiple avenues. The fixed value for the Token is $0.01, so the opportunity to join with the 1000% discount is attractive. During the writing and publication of the article, it is sold at $0.001 (US Dollar - USD). Once the initial offer is finalized and all launch requirements have been adjusted, activities begin. The DXG token will start shooting in the second quarter of the year a few weeks before the platform is released. It can be seen on its roadmap, which are the first two priorities for the year 2019 full of expectations.

Global tokenization continues, replicating every trade-related aspect. The blockchain ecosystem weaves new commercial networks without intermediaries, new p2p networks. In a progressive but evident transition, we observe as entrepreneurial initiatives, of community nature, anticipate habitual giants of the market.


P2P Lending Marketplace.

Transactions carried out on the decentralized platform, whether for trading or lending, have been designed to be coordinated by decentralized deposit services. This point is developed based on secure, intelligent contracts in the blockchain. For information on this point, we recommend reading the White Paper carefully.

Through the use of referral schemes, staking, voting rights, and portfolio diversification, the platform will empower its stakeholders and lead to its mass adoption.

The loan market is expected to generate several benefits; in principle, it encourages keeping tokens in stakeholder ownership. This movement creates temporary scarcity by temporarily removing them from circulation. On the other hand, the demand for credit generates cases of use and application of the platform token. This creates a speed of money that is expected to enjoy an excellent performance while waiting for feedback and solve small errors.

Soon more exchanges will list DXG adding value, liquidity, and ease of access to the token

Duly audited smart contracts will coordinate decentralised warehousing services. Via Smart contract, robust centralized networks such as Ethereum, offer a precious quality; 24/7 functionality and rigid compliance with agreed sentences. At the same time, automation with code requires an unpolluted system, adequately audited and carefully tested.

Since the core team of DexAge has confirmed the agreement for the listing in LAtoken. So after the sales and finished the Bounty/Airdrop deals of the DXG token will be negotiated in LAtoken. In addition to LAtoken and Bitcratic (DEX), it is progressing that negotiations are currently underway with other exchanges/bags for the upcoming listing of the DXG token.

Documents and more details at the links below

Click here for check the White Paper
Core Team & Advisors
Click here for Mapa de Ruta
Twitter official DexAge
Click here for Telegram official - DexAge

Telegram official - Facebook.com/dexagetech


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Crypto Market Ads: We are introducing a brand new unsaturated marketplace for advertising and marketing.


crypto Market Ads is a democratic and decentralized marketplace for crypto and blockchain advertising.
crypto Market Ads  recently launched a new unique crypto marketplace where publisher's and advertisers come together as one to offers a unique operating platform with multiple marketing choices.
Participating in this market is free of charge, this type of market system allows publishers to engage in a  fairly market  to maintain competitive prices.  It has lead to the discovery of costs that are low,  affordable and attractive to all advertisers.
  Over the last few years according to research the cryptocurrency advertising industry has expanded like never before.
Compared to 2017, ICO & IEO's advertising and marketing volume which has quadrupled in just over a year in 2018.
A similar pattern has been adopted by the amount of advertising and marketing budgets for projects in the field. To build the best marketing and advertising industry around the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. 
A different approach is introduced one that covers goods and services for vendors and global markets.  Crypto Market Ads wants to change the system that allows vendors to allocate products and services by creating a genuinely global P2P (peer-to-peer) ecosystem.
A unique system where vendors are fully assured and comfortable with the way there goods and services are instantly available worldwide and all through a network of marketplaces. 
We also wants to offer interactive online tools, such as a decentralized visual marketplace builder with a non intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is complemented by an initial coin offering platform (ICO) for the marketplaces to ensure the success of all stakeholders, involved parts and early adopters.
To build a solid foundation and customer trust relationship.  The first 999 people to contribute at least 3+ ETH in Private Sale will have a lifetime 0% fees on the Crypto Market Ads marketplace along with a Founder badge.
the market needs a trusted platform as a safe heaven and bridge. A standard that brings together bounty hunters, early adopters, and the most successful crypto space publishers. In this sense, the Crypto Market Ads marketplace can benefit users through its three strengths:
i: Promote or offer marketing services.
      ii: Provide consulting services.
     iii: Buy/Sell services related to existing or new crypto/blockchain projects.
Delivering consistent benefits, crypto space is generating opportunities for those who are immersed in the revolutionary entrepreneurship. The community and content creators require good profits to be able to continue performing their tasks without any worries. As a result, the value of content, websites, forum activity, videos, webinars, email campaigns, and many other related services are consolidated. Currently, there is no consolidated platform. Crypto Market Ads opens the doors to the actors of the sector to offer their advertising and marketing services.
The mindset of the founders is to enable the advertisers find comfort in finding all service providers in one place at competitive and rational market prices.
In other words, the main objective is the generation of value for all parties. In this way, due to the traceability and transparency of the blockchain technology, the parties obtain a nexus of trust.
Marketing teams can outsource almost all aspects of promotions to influencers, professionals, reward hunters and other related service providers in a transparent manner. They will also be able to negotiate with publishers and obtain customized offers according to their needs.
To participate in Crypto Market Ads PRIVATE SALE starting on 20/04/2019
Buy this coin  and get 50% Discount  (1 CMA = $0,005 USD) You can start with 20k - 50k coin.
Click this link below to get your own coin. Limited coin available) www.cryptomarketads.com
Currently, the total market size is around $5 billion and is expected to grow in the following years. It is expected to exceed $54 billion by 2021. This positive and fast growth has created logistical and external problems; pitfalls such as the banning of crypto advertising by large companies in the world. Companies and publishers that take advantage by charging up to ten times more than other comparable niches is an excellent example. It also becomes difficult to find in renowned influencers and publishers, as the early growth without regulations has attracted scams and fraud in the past.
Based on the high demands of the crypto advertising and marketing industry, it requires a platform to exchange large volumes of advertising and marketing purchase orders. Crypto Market Ads proposes to solve these problems by offering a stable market that can bring advertisers and publishers together on an open and democratic market platform. Publishers and service providers will compete with each other through marketing tactics such as offering prices, demonstrable competitiveness, and instant communication. Versatility for market makers is one of Crypto Market Ads strongest points. Advertisers will be able to carry out their marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns quickly and reliably without requiring exorbitant budgets or contacting dozens of publishers.
This solution will help the whole specialized advertising space to become fully autonomous, instead of relying on large companies; companies that do not back this new paradigm change. The crypto market is large enough to evolve on its own without support from mainstream publishers. However, it will receive with open arms the experts who jump in and decide to be part of the most revolutionary global transformation in decades.
To participate in the project launch, you can contribute as a bounty hunter or purchase Crypto Market Ads coins. Ten billion units will be issued, of which 50% are available for Private sale and IEO; the non-acquired coins will be burned based on the parameters detailed in the official Crypto Market Ads documentation. Private-Sale begins on April 20 and anyone can participate except United States residents. The distribution of coins detailed in Crypto Market Ads Whitepaper shows the following proportions:
50% Private Sale & IEO (Crowd Sales)
10% Marketing, bounty, sales, referrals & advisors.
20% Exchanges & reserve.
10% Crypto Market Ads Founders (Lock up one year).
10% of Crypto Market Ads Team members (Lock up one year).
Below, we share the project's official links and social media accounts. Keep up to date with the details coming up ahead of the IEO.

Thursday, 21 March 2019



Image source: 99bitcoin

A wallet is basically like a virtual bank account. It allows you to receive bitcoin and altcoin you can also store them, send and receive coin instantly.

We have web,online and hardware wallet.
For online wallet read this post  CLICK HERE
Benefits of using a Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet..

i. private Keys remain hidden and unexposed.
Only you knows where to keep your keys. You don't get bother since your private key are far your computer,  you have this confidence that it is not been exposed to hacker or copied by someone else.

ii. You can host multiple Cryptocurrencies on the same wallet.
Unlike online wallet where you'll have to locate a different wallet for bch, litecoin, eth, Bitcoin and so on. With hardware wallet you can host over 10 digital coin on a single wallet.

iii. Immune to Computer Viruses
Your wallet are virus proof protecting you from DOS attack, malware or keylogger software. Hardware wallets cannot be attacked like software wallets.
They are mobile that's you get to carry them anywhere you go. Guarantee you a  safer option when it comes to cryptocurrency wallets.

1: Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is the latest hardware wallet from Ledger. Ledger Nano X boast of an advanced state of the art security that protect your private keys and digital currency. It can store up to 100 cryptocurrency at the same time, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Dogecoin, Litecoin and many more.

i. bluetooth enabled ( mobile compatible)
ii.  cc eal5+ certified secure chip
iii. backup enabled
iv. Multicurrency supported
v. 100mAH battery
This hardware is available for purchase you can per order your own copy via this link. BUY LEDGER X HERE


Ledger nano s has a sleek design, simple interface and support over 1100 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP, Litecoin, BCH and more. With this hardware wallet you can manage multiple coins on a single hardware wallet.

i. Simplicity
ii.  Tamper proof
iii. Back up and restore
iv. Multi currency
v. Compatible with (Windows 8+, macOS 10.8+, Linux)
vi. No battery required ( plug and play)
This hardware is available for purchase you can per order your own copy via this link.  BUY LEGDER NANO S HERE


KeepKey is a secure multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet with more advanced features. Keepkey support a wide variety of altcoins and 
Erc- 20 tokens.

Supported coins :Bitcoin, bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, DASH, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

Supported erc-20 tokens:AELF (ELE), Aeterenity (AE), Aragon (ANT), Augur (REP), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Binance Coin (BNB), Bancor (BNT), Civic (CVC), Crypto.com (MCO), CyberMiles (CMT), Dai (DAI),Decentraland (MANA), DigixDAO (DGD), District0x (DNT), Edgeless (EDG), FirstBlood (1st)FunFair (FUN), Gifto (GTO), Gnosis (GNO), Golem (GNT), ICONOMI (ICN), IOST (IOST), iExec (RLC), Maker (MKR), Matchpool (GUP), Melon (MLN), Metal (MTL), Numeraire (NMR), OmiseGO (OMG), Polymath (POLY), Populus (PPT), Ripio Credit Network (RCN), SALT (SALT), SingularDTV (SNGLS), SpankChain (SPANK), Status (SNT), Storj (STORJ), SwarmCity (SWT), TenX (PAY), Tether (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD), WeTrust (TRST), Wings (WINGS), Zilliqua (ZIL), 0x (ZRX),0xBitcoin (0xBTC)


i: Altcoins and erc-20 supported.
ii: Virus and malware proof
iii: work on PC, Mac, android and Linux



Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Getting Smart With Blockchain: Best Guide For Every Beginners


Bitcoin has revolutionized the  financial market  by enabling uninterrupted, fast and completely online transactions. Due to Blockchain  -  an intelligent chain of blocks that support the system - it is possible to make moves from anywhere on the planet in seconds.
This mechanism has attracted more and more companies in the world to have less bureaucracy and offer a quality service.

Blockchain is a public registry that guarantees agility, efficiency and transparency in financial transactions . It is a data structure that does the transactions without intermediation and does not require a central institution or authority to validate the movements.
There are several types of Blockchain, but the most common model is the one used for virtual currency (bitcoin). It can also be understood as a ledger, which lists all the accounting operations of a particular company.
The difference is that the data is shared with everyone who participates in the crypto-coin system, for example, and they are irreversible.
This technology has been so successful that several segments are being attracted to it, such as insurance companies, stock brokers and security companies. It can also be used in financial, business, government, electoral, and many other systems.


The information entered in Blockchain is encrypted and requires a digital signature. Therefore, the security of the transactions is greater, which guarantees the integrity and protection against possible threats.
Anyone participating in this huge database has access to all transactions. However, it is important to note that they can not be altered or tampered with after processing.
In addition, Blockchain can be accessed from anywhere and allows the system to be distributed on thousands of computers. This causes an update to make synchronized copies in seconds.

There are a few steps that need to be understood when we talk about Blockchain, as we will explain now. Check out!

1.Registering The Transaction

The record of a transaction is stored in Blockchain in a decentralized and distributed manner.
Let's think of an Excel spreadsheet with simple information, such as source, destination and value of the procedure, that are stored in the system and a copy can be accessed by any participant in the block. It is interesting to note that nobody has access to the people involved in the operations since all the data is confidential.

2. Making The Transaction Anonymous

Through private keys or also called addresses, users perform transactions privately. Ideally, for each move a different address is used, which is composed of numbers, letters and other characters. In this way, the identity of the participants is preserved and only they have control of the procedures exposed there.

3. Making The Transaction "Official"

It is not enough just to send the  bitcoins  to the destination to carry out a financial transaction. The main feature and advantage of Blockchain is that the data needs to be validated to make an "official" move and be included in the system.
To do this, the so-called miner is used  , a computer that checks the information every 10 minutes. Then, if everything is correct, it removes the pending status from the procedure and generates an encrypted code that makes it official.

4. Making The Transaction Immutable

If each user receives a copy of the spreadsheet with the transaction data, how do you make nothing to be tampered with? This issue of unchanging movement is one of the main benefits of Blockchain.
It uses a mechanism called  hash,  in which it creates a sequence of numbers and different characters for any set of digital information. Therefore, if something is modified in the text, even a comma, it generates another  hash. As a result, the final operation will not be validated, as there was a change in the initial document.

The transactions carried out through Blockchain have gained more and more space in the financial market and it is not for nothing.
A survey conducted by  Infosys Finacle  showed that more than 80 percent of financial professionals expect to work with Blockchain by 2020.
Still, according to the study, the average investment in projects with this technology should be approximately $ 1 million this year alone.
This type of operation has several advantages and the main one is the peer-to-peer model, in which information can be shared without the need of a central server. This causes   significant cost savings .
This benefit also allows for no value limitations, since any amount can be transferred in a matter of seconds, or rather, almost instantaneously. This issue eliminates the difficulties that many users face due to restrictions imposed by banks and financial institutions.
Therefore, the most common movements performed by Blockchain are the international ones.

One of Blockchain's biggest problems is the lack of standardization in its use, which creates huge challenges and even difficulties for people and companies.
Another factor is the need to rely on a general collaboration to implement it in some company. For this, we must involve employees,  information technology , operators and other institutions to improve usability.
Blockchain has emerged to revolutionize financial transactions in the world. Through it, the movements are carried out with speed, security and transparency. This system allows the operations to be carried out almost in real time, prioritizing privacy with confidential information: and the most interesting thing is that everything can be done from anywhere on the planet through the internet.

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